Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Little Girl

On May 13, 2012, I took our oldest daughter, Hannah, to the American Girl Store in Atlanta to celebrate Mother's Day. We were also celebrating her 9th Birthday which, for the first time, fell on Mother's Day - What a special treat for me!

We had realized several months ago that both occasions would be falling on the same day, and I had promised Hannah that we would do something special. Knowing at that time that my husband and I were planning to move to the Atlanta area, I had immediately thought of the American Girl Store, but a lot of things had to fall into place before I could commit to that. Thankfully, everything did fall into place and I had the opportunity to take Hannah on a day-trip without her knowing where we were headed.

We had such a great time, but it really made me miss the everyday moments that I don't get to experience with her.  While thinking about this, I came across a template challenge on one of my favorite digi-scrapping websites - The Shabby Shoppe's Easy-As-Pie Template Challenge.

Template challenges are a lot of fun when you might not have much time, or when you're having trouble getting into "your zone".  And, sometimes, it's fun just to see what you can do with it to be different from everyone else! How can I change it up?  How can put myself into this design and make it my own?

This is the template provided for the challenge. (It's a free download!)

Here is the page I created for the challenge:
Easy As Pie Template Challenge #26 Template
Shabby Princess' Clementine kit
All the Cool Chicks font
The journaling reads: "I miss you so much whenever we are apart, and I hate that we are apart most of the time. You are getting to an age where you are going to need me more and I want to be there for every moment. You take it all in stride, though, and it makes me so proud of you. I think it all hits me harder than you just because I know what is coming for you... I know the things that will be changing and the questions you’re going to have.  I just hope that we maintain the relationship that we have right now where you feel comfortable enough to call me at any time. And, at the same time, I hope that I have the answers you need. I love you so much, Hannah, and I miss you! You will always be my little girl - no matter how grown up you get."

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